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Lion Jewels Elastic bracelet with White Shell pearls combined with gold-plated 925 Sterling silver beads, which is studded with 78 pcs. clear CZ Diamonds. The bracelet also has a gilded Buddha head. A gold-plated Lion Jewels logobead.

Elastic Bracelet

A Lion Jewels handmade elastic bracelet is charming and versatile jewelry that appeals to many because of their simplicity and personal touch. These bracelets are made by stringing a series of beads, stones, crystals, or other decorative elements onto an elastic string, making them easy to put on and take off. Elastic bracelets make it an ideal choice for both children and adults. As the bracelets are handmade, they can be customized in colour, material and design, giving an almost endless range of styles. The beads can be made from a variety of materials, such as glass, wood, stainless steel, silver, pearls, semi-precious stones or even recycled materials, and each combination gives the bracelet a unique look. Many choose to incorporate special beads or charms into their elastic bracelets to add additional meaning or to mark special events or interests. For example, a bracelet may contain a charm that represents a friendship, a particular hobby, a spiritual belief, or an important milestone in life. Elastic bracelets are also popular as friendship bracelets or as part of a group identity expression, where the same or similar designs are shared between friends or members of a group. Their versatility and personal nature make them a perfect gift idea as they can be adapted to the recipient's tastes and preferences. Overall, handmade elastic bracelets combine the beauty and variety of craftsmanship with the convenience and versatility of an elastic design, creating an accessory that is both personal and modern. Elastic bracelets pearl bracelets come in different styles and designs today, and since we handcraft all bracelets, you have the opportunity to have your unique combination of pearls, beads and more produced. If you want this, you are welcome to contact us.

Size guide

Measuring your wrist is a simple process that can be done using a flexible measuring tape or string along with a ruler. Here is a step-by-step guide to measuring your wrist:

1. Preparation:

Get a flexible measuring tape or string and a ruler.

2. Placement of the measurement:

Place the measuring tape or string around your wrist, just below the bone at the hand, where your wrist flexes.

3. Tightness:

Make sure the measuring tape or string fits comfortably around your wrist without being too tight. It should be tight enough to stay in place, but not so tight that it cuts into the skin.

4. Read the measurement:

  • If using a tape measure, read directly, where the tape measure crosses itself.
  • If using a string, mark, where the string crosses itself and then measure the length with a ruler.

5. Recording the measurement:

Note the length in centimeters

It is important to be accurate, as an accurate measurement will help you choose the right sizes when buying jewelry or bracelets , that fits your wrist.

Remember that when buying bracelets or jewelry, you often need to add a few extra centimeters to the measurement to ensure a comfortable fit, especially if it's a tight or firm bracelet. This allowance will allow for some movement and comfort when wearing the piece.

Here you can download a PDF measurement guide that you can print out and use to measure your wrist size

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Read about Lion Jewels

Lion Jewels was founded in 2011 by Susanne and Henning von Bentzen. The company specializes in the manufacture of handmade jewelery and watches. The founders, Susanne and Henning von Bentzen, have managed to create a brand that is committed to creating unique and individual jewelry and watches through their craftsmanship and creativity.

Since its establishment in 2011, Lion Jewels has focused on to produce jewelery and watches that bear the stamp of a special artisanal quality. Our handmade jewelry is jewelry that is made with artisanal skill and careful handwork. These pieces of jewelry are often unique and stand out from mass-produced jewelry on the market.

Our jewelry and watches can be made of various materials, including precious metals, semi-precious stones, pearls, glass, leather and other decorative elements and materials to create unique designs.

One of the advantages of handmade jewelry is that it allows for personalization. We are open to making customized jewelry according to your wishes and preferences. This allows you to have a piece of jewelry that is unique and special to you.

By choosing handmade jewelry, you support our company and craftsmanship, we value creativity and traditional craftsmanship. These pieces of jewelry can have a special meaning for both those who create them and those who wear them.

Lion Jewels has over the years developed various collections and series of jewelry and watches that reflect their unique design style and aesthetics. These collections include both classic, modern and unique designs, offering a wide range of jewelery and watches for different occasions and styles.

Lion Jewels focus on craftsmanship and individuality in their jewelery and watches has made us popular among those looking for unique and personal accessories. Our collections have offered various options in jewelry and watches that appeal to different taste preferences and styles.

For more detailed information about Lion Jewels, their specific collections, designs and available products, please contact us by phone +45 70701516 or kundeservice@lionjewels.dk hvor we can discuss your wishes about any specially developed jewelry designed for you.

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